Month: January 2009

The main thing to keep in mind with toddlers is to plan a stop every 2-3 hours to let them get out and stretch their legs.Sometimes those car seats can be pretty hard to sit in for several hours in a row, so give them a little break as needed.Here’s a list of ideas to keep them busy and happy on the road. With a little preparation, they can be a lot of fun and educational too. Travel Tickets Use some colored construction paper to cut out some “tickets” for your trip. Give your child a pre-counted bag full of […]

I came into work this morning and what a great surprise. It was gloomy, grey and raining. The clouds looking like they were ready to let rip a massive quantity of rain drops, I suppose you could compare them to a pregnant lady waiting to drop. Oh joy! The state of the weather then sparked my thoughts to the following topic, ‘How many people actually still take their dog for a walk even if it was raining?’ Now I’m not talking drizzle (that’s the name of my cat too),or light, misty rain, I mean absolutely tipping it down, soaking wet […]

Huge congratulations to Sarah W who has just become engaged!! We’re all thrilled to hear such exciting news! It has certainly beaten the January blues. Love is in the air here in our office – Sarah W is starting to make wedding plans and my own wedding in May is drawing ever nearer! Time is flying so i’m busy with final preparations (such as the guest list – at this rate Pembrokeshire will have to close down for a day). With so many beautiful venues and such stunning scenery, Pembrokeshire is the perfect romantic setting. It would also be the […]

Family Holidays Why Pembrokeshire? Family holidays in Pembrokeshire can be as relaxed or as busy as you like.Choose from the peace of the many gardens or secluded beaches on offer, to the fun of more action packed days out with Oakwood, Folly Farm or the Dinosaur Park, there is something for everyone on a holiday in Pembrokeshire.No matter where you are in West Wales, it’s usually no more than ½ an hours drive to the coast and one of the many large sandy beaches, harbours or coves readily Holiday time can be enjoyed at any time of year in Wales.The […]

I always find that taking my pooch for a trip down the beach during the Winter months is so much more enjoyable than battling with the crowds during the height of the Summer season. Of course I have no objection whatsoever with the many people that visit Pembrokeshire in the Summer it’s just that you can find your dog will never get any peace. My dog will always manage to find the man with the camera trying to take a ‘beach’ shot of his little children in the sea. In swoops Jed ball in mouth, tail wagging, ears pricked and […]

2009 is here at last! We have all recovered from the festive season and celebrations (it took some of us longer than others) and now it’s time for making new resolutions and turning over new leaves for the new year. It’s also a time to make plans for the coming twelve months, booking holidays in particular! Here in the office we have been rushed off our feet with guests booking their Pembrokeshire holidays so do be sure to phone us as soon as you can. Some good news (which makes a nice change) is that the long-range weather forecast for […]

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