Month: November 2011

Today, it is a week since I was surprised by my Mum and Dad with my sheepdog puppy Flynn. He is as gorgeous as ever and has learnt how to sit in a day. Because I proceed in making a huge fuss over him when he sits, he now does it all the time! I was washing up this morning and all had gone quiet so I called Flynn a few times and waited, but heard nothing. I turn around to find him sat behind me, good as gold and his little tail wagging. Bless him. Throughout the week I […]

…Flynn. I had to leave it a couple of days before telling you as I was too excited to type! Last Saturday I was given a puppy for Christmas by my Mum and Dad. He is an adorable little tan and white Sheepdog with cute ginger eyebrows and hazy blue eyes. I am very lucky and it’s like I’ve never been without him. I don’t think I’ve stopped talking about him yet and the photo’s have been passed around the office numerous times already and it’s only day three! I will have to post you a photo on here tomorrow […]

Jed will be putting on his Pudsey ears on Friday to get into the Children in Need spirit. Jed is quite evidently a poser, as you can witness from the stream of pictures if you scroll down. There is no denying that he is one good looking dog though. You know what they say, dogs look like their owner! I think because he has always been first in the queue for a picture, been asked to model for a painting and has his very own fridge magnet, I have always been inclined to dress him up in order to accentuate […]

It’s party time at Coastal Cottages!

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We are all very excited here in Coastal Cottages HQ, this Friday it’s Children in Need and we are holding a Pj Party to help raise money for such a wonderful Charity. We will all be arriving for work dressed head to toe in our Pjs ready for a day of fun activities including a quiz, a “pudsey bake sale” and a Children’s Tea Party with loads of yummy treats! For every booking made on Friday 18th November Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshirewill be donating £1 to Children in Need, so you can help us raise as much money as possible! […]

As pretty as they may be, dogs just do not like fireworks. Their loud bangs and explosions just frighten and cause them stress. Jed is fourteen now and I would have thought that his hearing wouldn’t be as hot as it used to be. How very wrong I was. Dad was putting up the balloons for Halloween at the weekend and he kept accidentally bursting them with the pin. With each loud pop Jed dived straight behind the settee and went into hiding! Talking about Halloween, we had a party for the kids on Sunday (which is why we were […]

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