Month: December 2013

New Year Celebrations

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Christmas is done for another year, I can’t believe how quickly a time so magical can be here one minute and gone the next. Having said that, I hope that each and everyone of you that have spent this Christmas in Pembrokeshire have enjoyed your time and made the most of every moment you have had in our gorgeous County. The weather (not surprisingly) has been a bit of a roller coaster,  for me it’s when we get the naughty combination of the wind and the rain that becomes an obstacle for our daily walks. One or the other we […]

A Pembrokeshire Christmas

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Christmas Day can be as crazy busy or as calm and subdued as you like it. We are all different and therefore our experiences of Christmas are different too. For those of you that have chosen to spend the festive holidays in Pembrokeshire, you are sure to succumb to the County’s charm at this terrific time of the year. Although the winter air offers a cheeky little nip, for me there is such a comforting warmth about the Christmas holidays that seems to get cosier each year. I think that the great thing about Christmas and New Year is that […]

St Nicholas Christmas Market in Saundersfoot

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I love getting involved with all things festive and cheery and do not need any excuse to pop along to anything! This weekend between the 6th-8th December is Saundersfoot’s famous St Nicholas Christmas Market. Last year I was a little overwhelmed with a bundle of baby only a few weeks old so I didn’t feel at one with reality in time to show face, but he will be running around by my side this year admiring the Christmas scene, stalls and music so I’ll be there. It really is a wonderful market to visit with all the family, the lights […]

A Little Light Fun

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My little boy is absolutely smitten with all of the Christmas lights, trees and baubles everywhere, his eyes are wide and enthused in complete and utter amazement! This being the reason as to why yes, are Christmas decorations are up already. Last night we took him to see a bungalow that is dressed in an abundance of lights and decorations from top to toe, with all donations going to Paul Sartori, a Foundation who provide hospice care for residents throughout Pembrokeshire. As soon as the car pulled up his face was glowing! The array of beautiful lights, colours and decorations […]

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