Month: February 2015

St. David’s Day in Pembrokeshire!

Happy Saint David’s Day! Or rather, Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! (tad early I know!) Whenever I think about Saint David’s Day, many happy memories from my childhood emerge. And I imagine many who grew up in Wales will share these memories.  Saint David’s Day in school usually meant a day of celebration, rather than a day of lessons! School celebrations consisted of: 1) Dressing up – Yes, in the national costume. Boys got off lightly usually in just a rugby shirt, but us girls…we had to wear the full outfit. Black hat, tartan top, checkered apron, black skirt, white knee […]

Saint David, Patron Saint Of Wales

As you probably know, Saint David is the Patron Saint of Wales. But how much do you actually know about him? I remember being taught the history and legends of Saint David through school, but I must admit I can’t remember all that much about him now. The only thing that really seems to have stuck in my mind, is the story of the ground rising underneath him. So what with Saint David’s Day approaching, I thought I’d refresh my memory. And yours! Often, David is portrayed with a dove on his shoulder There are a number or varying stories […]

Honeymoons, Mini-Moons and Pre-Wedding Getaways!

On Sunday, Celtic Manor in Newport hosted a Wedding Fayre which I was lucky enough to attend as we were exhibiting. Being my very first wedding fair, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. A room full of extravagant cakes and white dresses no doubt. I accompanied my colleagues Jade and Sue to the Fayre, and not one of us is looking to get married but that didn’t stop us from making the most of the day! Jade’s boyfriend is probably trembling in his boots, she came home with so many business cards! And Sue, well put it this way – she […]

February Half-Term

The first one of the calendar year, and I bet many of you are struggling to find ideas on how to keep those little ones of yours content. After all, Christmas has only just been and February Half Term can have a habit of being awfully drab. With the cold weather still here in bundles, and the hard frost is still lurking about in the mornings, it’s hard to know what to do with yourself let alone the children! The cold weather means you still need to wrap up warm and wear your winter coat, but your heart is longs […]

Valentine’s Traditions

February. An awkward month all round. Going from experience, we singletons are constantly reminded of our lack of a relationship. And when confirming this is still the case to those around us, we are often greeted with pity and sympathy. But saying that, many of the couples I know seem to struggling to find inspiration on how to treat their loved one this year. That’s why I thought it might be useful to write about some different ways in which Valentines is celebrated across the world. For those of you in need of ideas! SOUTH KOREA In South Korea, they’re […]

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