Month: March 2015

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothering Sunday… Often confused with the Mother’s Day celebration in America, which is of entirely different origins, this coming Sunday sees us Brits honour our mothers. Tradition claims that Mothering Sunday was first established to allow working children a day off from their working lives, and encourage them to visit and spend the day with their families. Way back when, children would leave their families and work as domestic servants instead. The mothering part to the day, it is said, comes from a religious encouragement to visit the church they attended whilst growing up – the church taking on the […]

Dog Friendly Attractions in Pembrokeshire

The world’s biggest dog show is happening in Birmingham this weekend, and you surely know by now, that we at Coastal Cottages do love all things dogs. Crufts celebrates all things dog related, with an impressive trade show and a number of different competitions, all spread out across four days. So then, it’s only right we honour Crufts with a very doggy blog this week! I’m sure many of you reading this love to bring your doggies with you when coming to the coast on your holidays, so I thought what better way than to tell you all about our […]

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