Month: June 2015

Beudy Gwyn, Penparc near Trefin    23278

Today’s blog is dedicated to one of our properties which is situated in a great spot in the North West area of Pembrokeshire, Beudy Gwyn in Penparc, near Trefin. View from bedroom You’ll find this property in the small hamlet at Pen Parc, a truly beautiful spot with views right across the countryside to the coast. On a clear day, absolutely breath-taking.  A perfect property for those families wishing for a more relaxing and peaceful holiday – a chance to get away from the flurry of city life, draw in long breaths of fresh country air and marvel at how […]

The Cart House, Near Newgale 30664

Ah Newgale. A firm favourite in many hearts, both those who live locally and those who holiday here. And it’s not exactly tough to see why. A beautiful sandy beach reaching almost two whole miles in length, and backed by that oh so memorable, pebble bank. The best thing about this beach is that it’s great for everyone. Yes it may have a high pebble bank, but there are wooden walkways which appear every summer to help you tackle it. It’s dog friendly all year round, with restrictions only on the middle section during the summer allowing dogs still to […]

Introducing Pamper Hampers!

Holidays are often all about relaxing and getting away from the many stresses of everyday life. And that’s precisely why we would like to introduce our brand new Pamper Hamper range! After all, if you can’t pamper yourself when on holiday, when can you?! Gemma and I are pleased to say that we are working alongside Cath and husband, Jason at Essancie to bring you this new range of luxurious bath treats. With years of pharmaceutical and retail experience, Cath ensures that all the products at Essancie are of the highest quality. Each product is handmade and personally selected because […]

Y Cwtch, Near Newport – 13307

Upon hearing of a holiday property with a Welsh name, my first instinct is always to find out the English translation for its name, as I’m not a first language Welsh speaker. And I imagine that many of you reading this are in the same boat. So what does “Y Cwtch” mean? Tough question. If you’re a frequent visitor to Wales, or have any friends or family who have some Welsh heritage in them, you’ll have already heard of this word. I’m sure every Welshman (and Welsh lady!) who has ever been asked this question, has struggled to quite find […]

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