Month: February 2016

World Book Day: Pembrokeshire’s Links to Famous Authors

I am a proud bookworm and World Book Day was always one of my favourite celebrations as a child. This year World Book Day falls on the 3rd March, and it has me thinking about all the authors who once found their creative brilliance buried deep within the Pembrokeshire countryside. When you think about it, it really is no surprise to learn that Pembrokeshire has been the inspiration to many an author. I think we can all agree that there is a sense of magic and adventure throughout the county; the rolling hills are waiting to be explored, the beaches (ahem, Barafundle […]

Spoil your Mum this Mother’s Day

Sunday 6th March sees the nation celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day, and quite deservedly so! Our mums deserve to be recognised at least once a year! Our mums do so much for us that we may not even realise most of the time, and sometimes it’s very easy to take what they do for us for granted. So what are you doing to show your mum your appreciation this year? Personally, we here at Coastal Cottages don’t think you can ever go wrong with giving the gift of a relaxing cottage break by the coast. Hide away in one of […]

This Afternoon’s Top 5 Short Pembrokeshire Walks

So, the sun is shining and the children are off school, what better free fun to have than to take a walk this afternoon? Whether you are a wheelchair user, have a dog, have limited time or will be walking with children that can’t walk too far- there’s a perfect walk for you in this lovely list!   Puncheston A pleasing circular route through fields and along lanes, this walk is one to bring your camera on. Look out for buzzards, rabbits and pretty spring flowers. Please note that if livestock are present, your dog must be kept on a […]

Spend St Davids Day in Pembrokeshire!

It’s always around this time of year that the Welsh become incredibly patriotic. The Six Nations are well under way and as you can expect, the red rugby shirts are being washed, dried and ironed almost weekly ready for the next game. But that’s not the only reason we’re breaking out the red shirts, the national flags and the face paints – in two weeks it is of course, March 1st aka St Davids Day. Is there ever a better time to holiday in Wales? You may argue that the summertime is the best; when the days are long, the […]

Top 5 Woof Friendly Beaches and Pubs

So it may not be sunbathing weather in Pembrokeshire at the moment, but that doesn’t matter- it means fabulous beaches for you and your dog(s)… All to yourselves!!!!!!!!!! If peace and quiet, miles of golden sand to chase balls and frisbees on, and boundless depths of glistening clear sea to doggy paddle in, sounds like the perfect getaway for you and your four legged friend, then this is a must read! It’s been tough, but I’ve just about managed to narrow down the top 5 favourite Pembrokeshire beaches that my two dogs- Archie and Buster, love to scamper on, along with fabulous […]

Are you ready for Valentines Day?

This is your four day warning for Valentines Day – can you hear those imaginary sirens going off? If you haven’t yet got your gift ready for your loved one, you’re probably starting to panic right about now. But don’t stress! Let us lend a helping hand. We can help arrange a memorable Valentines gift for you to give! Surprise that special one in your life with a last-minute trip to the coast, we still have availability across the county so grab a weekend bag and jump in the car! What else do you possibly need? How beautiful is Abercastle? […]

Pembrokeshire’s Finest Pancakes!

So, it’s arrived… one of my favourite days of the calendar… PANCAKE DAY! Here in Pembrokeshire, pancakes are always a popular choice, but what do you prefer- Sweet or Savoury? Hot or Cold? Long gone are the days of a simple sugar and lemon topping, each year sees more and more creativeness when it comes to pancakes and this year is certainly no exception. St Davids’ Grub Kitchen have even made… well… erm… ‘Grub’ toppings… for the more adventurous taste buds!      I’m personally a traditional and sweet kind of girl, give me a pancake oozing in Nutella or draped in Sugar […]

The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

This year, a friend and I have vowed to get out and walk the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path at least twice a month. To you keen ramblers, I appreciate that you might be thinking that’s not a lot at all! However, I’m sure you can all understand that with a full-time job as well as social commitments and other mundane life responsibilities to juggle, sometimes your weekend has passed you by in a flash despite not really being able to put your finger on what you spent Saturday and Sunday doing! With this wintry weather and these dark evenings, it’s sometimes […]

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