New Year Resolutions

With the turn of the New Year, it’s natural to start thinking about the next twelve months ahead. It’s safe to say that we all tend to look upon the New Year as a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again. This fresh outlook on the future encourages many to create New Year’s Resolutions, such as aiming to live a healthier life after all that indulgent eating and drinking over the Christmas festivities.


Now I know you might be thinking that it’s a little late to be thinking about the New Year and setting yourself a resolution, but mid-January may be a great time to kick-start your new way of living! Do as the Gwaun Valley do and celebrate the New Year Late!

Tucked away in the Gwaun Valley, people celebrate their New Year on the 13th January. This tradition, named Hen Galan, is celebrated because the valley still operate by the old Julian calendar rather than the current Gregorian calendar we now follow.

Celebrations include children of the village roaming from one house to the next singing carols in the hope of receiving calenning (sweets/money) in return, whilst the men gather for the Mari Llwyd where they parade through the valley chanting and carrying a horse’s skull (these days wooden) attached to the top of a pole and draped with ribbons and flowers.MarI Llwyd

So if you’re feeling like your fresh start is a little delayed this year, just say you’re joining in with the Gwaun Valley and starting the New Year late! After all, how many of us were still working our way through the leftover goodies throughout the first week of January?

Come mid-January, all (or at least most) of those Christmas treats are gone enabling you to get back to normal and/or to go that little bit extra and make the promise to get healthy.


That’s where our Sports and Nutrition packages come in.

Whether you’re taking the first steps to a healthier lifestyle or whether you’re an athlete visiting the area for a training weekend, our Sports and Nutrition Packages are beneficial for everyone. Perhaps you’ve signed up to Long Course Weekend and/or Ironman Wales and are now keen to get training?

Opt for a One to One Nutrition Consultation with our nutritionist giving you the chance to review your health and receive advice on the foods needed for improving your health and/or sporting performance. Our nutritionist can also give advice for specialised diets such as gluten free, dairy free and vegan. You might also be interested in adding on a 30 Nutrition Programme which will look at discussing your general health (blood pressure/cholesterol) as well as your sports performance before creating a programme tailored to improve your health, sports performance and recovery. We also offer One to One Muscle Testing Consultations which help to assess your health and provide recommendations on how to support the body for health, performance and recovery.


Stimulate muscles and accelerate healing with Sports Massages and Bowen Therapy. Bowen Therapy is a remedial hands on therapy which uses gentle pressure and rolling-type movements on precise points of the body to help promote flexibility and movement whilst Sports Massages increases the blood flow and allows more nutrients to the muscles allowing for a better performance. Taping and Strapping is also available (as an add on to Sports Massages only), this enables bones and muscles to maintain a stable position which then helps reduce pain and can also aid

To book a break in Pembrokeshire, please call our Reservations Team on 01437 772755. Don’t forget, our Spring Special Offers are currently available on a selection of cottages with prices starting from £99 based on two people sharing a double room. To add any of the above Sports and Nutrition Packages onto your stay, simply ask for our Concierge Team when you call.

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