Pop the question in Pembrokeshire on St Dwynwen’s Day

Asking someone to marry you is wonderful on any day of the year. Think about it, you’re saying that out of however many billion people there are, you’d like them to be the one that sticks around forever. That’s pretty special. But let’s face it, proposing on February 14th, while beautiful, isn’t going to invite anyone’s curiosity. You won’t get colleagues saying ‘Oh, why then? Is it special to you?’ It might be of course, it might be an anniversary or a birthday, or you might just really like heart shaped balloons. However if you’re looking for a proposal that strikes the right balance between romantic and a bit different then St Dwynwen’s Day on 25th January ticks all the boxes.

St Dwynwen lived during the 5th century, had a bit of a rough time of it in the men department and became a nun rather early on, so she may not have been the obvious choice for the Welsh Saint of Lovers. However her selfless wish that the hopes and dreams of true lovers be met has granted her the title. The church and well that she is said to have built lie on an island off Anglesey, and it is said that if the water of the well boils in a couple’s presence then love and good luck will follow them. However if you don’t fancy spending the run up to the big question staring intently at a pool of water willing it to bubble, then maybe that’s not the ideal location for you.

Pembrokeshire, in my opinion, is one of the most naturally romantic places in the world. A barbecue over an open fire on a deserted beach, a walk on the coast path to a cosy pub or snuggling up next to a wood burner watching a storm roll in all beat an expensive meal in a swanky restaurant for me. I can’t think of a better place to pop that question. Here are a few suggestions of locations in Pembrokeshire that are particularly lovely, and likely to encourage a yes!


sand heart


Top of Carn Llidi, Whitesands

A climb to the top of Carn Llidi is well worth it for the panoramic views to Ramsey Island, Skomer, Strumble Head and even over to the Wicklow Hills of Ireland on a clear day. As you climb the ‘modest mountain’ (you may like to quibble with the word modest when you’re about half way up) pass the grazing ponies and smell the gorse and wild flowers. At the summit, you really do feel as though you are on top of the world and that it’s just the two of you along with the buzzards that circle above. Many a ring has been accepted up here, it’s so well known among locals that every time I walk here with my boyfriend there’s a bit of a tense atmosphere. It’s far from cliché however, as every day is different on Carn Llidi and everyone has their own memory of it. Bring a picnic blanket and a bottle of champers and it could be the location for the perfect proposal, and if not, at least they’ll be too shattered from the climb to leg it!


Carn Llidi John Beer resized
Photo credited to John Beer, owner of Foxhole Cottage at the foot of Carn Llidi.


St Govan’s Chapel, Near Bosherston

Built by St Govan after the rock opened up to hide him from pirates, this chapel sits nestled into the cliff face right next to the sea, making it a truly romantic setting particularly in low season. The legendary rock is inside the chapel, and it is said that if a person makes a wish, enters and is able to turn around then their wish will be granted, so that may be worth a try beforehand! It’s a great place to explore, or sit and watch the waves crash through the archway next to it. It’s considered a magical place, and the steps leading down to the chapel cannot be counted accurately by any mortal being, if a group is asked they often come up with different answers, so this could mark the first argument as a newly engaged couple! On a slightly less romantic note, access is dependent on the nearby firing range being open to the public.


St Govan's Chapel


Strumble Head

There’s no real way to describe the feeling at Strumble Head, it’s one of those places that just feels a bit magical. During the day it’s one of the best places in the UK to spot porpoise, and it’s great for bird watching, if that’s your thing. However this rocky headland jutting out into the sea reveals it’s true spectacular nature at sundown. Watching the sunset behind the lighthouse, listening to the birds settling for the night with the sea glistening or swirling below, there really is no place like it. Imagining turning around to see a person on one knee makes me swoon just slightly.


Strumble Head Resized


Any Pembrokeshire Beach

I tried and tried to think of the best beach to get down on one knee on in Pembrokeshire. I even asked around the office. Small quiet beaches like Porthsele, Cwm Y Eglwys and Caerfai were popular choices, as well as the more obvious and gorgeous Barafundle Bay and Newgale. I’ve concluded that every beach has it’s own history and personality and therefore is the perfect place for a proposal in it’s own way. Whether you’re after a walk through bluebells ending at Abermawr, or easy access to the pub for a celebratory toast in Little Haven, you can’t go far wrong if your proposal has the Pembrokeshire coast as a backdrop.


A proposal set up at Porthsele Beach, near Whitesands last Summer. She said yes!
A proposal set up by locals at Porthsele Beach last Summer. She said yes!


Wherever you decide to ask that all important question, our concierge team can help to make it extra special. From celebration hampers and bouquets delivered to your cottage to private dining experiences, our added extras can make your proposal truly unique. Call us on 01437 772755.



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