Have a Hygge Valentine’s Day

Whenever someone mentions Valentine’s Day, it makes me cower slightly. I imagine a meal in a crowded restaurant with heart shaped everything, sitting across from my boyfriend who is hating every second and being acutely aware of how much more money I’m paying for the Lovers’ Set Menu over the burger that I usually go for. It’s making me break out in a sweat just thinking about it. This year, I’m forgoing the forced fun, the social media battle to see whose boyfriend bought them the biggest teddy bear, the silent struggle not to mention the fact that I saw the lovely bunch of flowers he’s presented me at the petrol station last week. No, this year it’s all about cosying up in front of the fire, wrapping up for walks on the beach and cooking lovely comforting food. This year it’s all about hygge.


Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish concept that has become popular in the UK over the last year. It’s a broad term that doesn’t have any direct translation to English. It encompasses the art of building a sanctuary and community, to create well being, connection and warmth. Mostly, it’s about celebrating the everyday pleasures of a simple life. All this sounds fantastic. Yep, get me some sanctuary and well being any day.

Here’s a hygge check list. Don’t feel that all need to be perfect or even present, but they are things that can help bring a bit of peace to your world.

Snug blankets
Roaring fire
Loved ones
Wrapping up for walks
Fairy lights
Bringing nature inside
Comforting food



However it’s not that simple is it? We’ve got increasingly busy, complicated lives. Our smart phones buzz, our bosses call, Natalie puts a photo of her family on Facebook and they all look so relaxed and happy and you want to be more like Natalie but you have so much to do! So maybe it’s about making time for hygge in among the everyday stresses, to give yourself a little bit of calm.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to have a bit of down time with the one you love. No pressure, no restaurants, no tension or feeling like you’re not enjoying yourselves enough. A break in a Pembrokeshire cottage could be just what you both need. Turn your phones off (or at least put them on silent), wrap up for a walk on the beach, come back to your sanctuary and snuggle up in front of the fire. Add a couple of candles and a bunch of flowers and voila! You’ve got yourself a little slice of Hygge done the Pembrokeshire way.

Looking out to sea

An ideal cottage for a hygge getaway is Ann Perrots Cottage (23304) in Mathry. A gorgeous little stone cottage with a log burner, it really feels like you’re away from it all. Currently priced at £337 for the week of February 11th-18th.


Ann Perrots23304 Ann Perrots Cottage Exterior

Or there’s the more modern Grassholm View (33036) in Solva. A luxurious apartment, it’s perfectly located for a walk on the coast path ending at the pub, or back to cosy up at a window seat and admire the panoramic sea views. Currently priced at £483 for the week of February 11th-18th.

33036 Grassholm View Bedroom2 33036 Grassholm View Kitchen

To add any romantic extras to your holiday, such as bouquets or fizz hampers, get in touch with our Coastal Concierge team on 01437 772755.

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