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In recent years, Pembrokeshire has become a favourite for those wanting to explore the night’s skies. A number of Dark Skies Discovery Sites have even been appointed throughout the county, recognising locations across Pembrokeshire as recommended spots in the UK for stargazing.

We locals have probably all been guilty at one time or another of taking our starry nights for granted, but many a time the breath-taking view has made me stop in my tracks, when I remember to look up that is. After all, there is something beautifully calming and peaceful about looking to the stars.


For those of you reading this who are visitors from the bigger cities, you might notice the difference in the skies you see in Pembrokeshire and the skies you see from home. That’s because the city lights pollute the sky which affects what you can see. Rural locations such as our beloved Welsh county make perfect positions to view the galaxy as our section of the world is much darker without those bright streetlights and so on.

I’m sure many of us would be lying if we said we had never been curious to learn more about our surroundings. We have all heard of popular terms associated with astronomy. We’re all aware that there are galaxies, planets and moons, even a “Milky Way” out there. We’re all familiar with star signs and horoscopes – these terms are used in reference to astrology which is a whole different ballgame however the horoscopes as we know them are linked to 12 constellations in our night’s skies.

But how much do you really know about our dark skies and the world around us?
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If you’re interested in learning more about our dark skies, our Concierge Team have just the package for you. Book a unique Stargazing Experience and our team will arrange for a professional astronomer to spend the evening at your holiday cottage introducing you to the wonder of the night’s sky.

From £250, our astronomer will guide you to identify various constellations using lasers. You will explore available planets and visible astronomical objects such as the moon and galaxies. Our astronomer will tell you of mythological stories whilst you discover deep sky objects such as the Orion Nebula with binoculars. You will also be taught how to correctly use large aperture telescopes to gain the best possible view and will also be given an introduction into wide field astrophotography allowing you to take home your own images of the night’s sky.

At £250, you can book our Introductory Experience which is a three hour session or for those of you wanting to take a deeper exploration, book our Deluxe Experience at £350 for a four hour session.

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As the nights are starting to draw in, the winter months are the best time of the year to take advantage of these packages. Call our Concierge Team on 01437 772755 to enquire about booking yours now.

Image Credit: Allan Trow
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