National Spa Week 2017

National Spa Week runs this year between the 30th October and the 5th November. Established by the UK Spa Association, the campaign has been designed to promote the use of spas and raise awareness of the many benefits of using spas regularly.

Nowadays, many of us seem to live rather hectic lives. Between our jobs, social lives and social media, it can often feel like there aren’t quite enough hours in the day to balance all aspects of life comfortably. Hence the thinking behind National Spa Week.


In recent years, studies have proven that the stresses of everyday life can become harmful. Stress can affect us emotionally, mentally and also physically; symptoms can include insomnia, weight gain, anxiety and mood swings. If we let this progress to chronic stress, we could be left with long-lasting physical illnesses.

National Spa Week encourages us all to take some time out from the fast-paced rat race a little more regularly as a way of dealing with that stress.

The use of spas can be traced back to Greek mythology when it was widely believed that the hot springs across Greece were almost holy as they apparently had the ability to cure diseases; even Hercules allegedly frequented spas as a method of recovery after his battles. That being said, parts of our modern day spa habits have more in common with the Romans customs as they expanding their use of spas to include hot and cold spas, and encouraged more of a social aspect to their daily bathing routine.

The Romans extended their spas to include libraries and formal gardens, gyms, steam rooms and salons. Perhaps this is the reason why we tend to view a visit to a spa as more of a special occasion?

We are all aware that visits to a spa encourage relaxation and allow you to take some time out to de-stress and focus on yourself a little more but did you know that the use of spas has emotional, mental and even physical benefits?


Spas can aid nausea and inflammation; massages can soften scar tissue and even damaged muscles. Taking that time out from your normal routine can result in a more restful sleep; the calming effects of a massage paired with the soothing touch of human contact also eases anxiety and works to relieve depression.

So during your stay this year, why not get involved with National Spa Week and book yourself a relaxing spa treatment to help yourself unwind?

Enjoy a full body massage with aromatherapy oils, target particular areas of stress with a deep tissue massage or even combine hand strokes with hot stones to really relax those muscles. For those expecting mums, feel refreshed and pampered with our Mums-to-Be Treatment combining a gentle full body and bump massage with a face and scalp treatment before massaging nourishing butter into the hands and arms.


Massages start from £50. You can also book a range of other treatments including facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing and threading to name a few. For information about our full range of treatments, please click here or call our Concierge Team on 01437 772755.

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