Start afresh this New Year

Christmas can be a pretty hectic time of year.  By the time you’ve attended all the required social engagements, shopped for all the perfect presents and dealt with the pressures of planning the perfect dinner for the big day, a rest will be well-earned. So why not do your future self a little favour and plan a New Year’s getaway to the coast for January 2018?

There is nowhere better to spend cold January days than surrounded by Pembrokeshire’s stunning coastline breathing in that beautiful fresh air each morning. (But then I might be slightly biased!)

To help you shake off that Christmassy feeling and embrace the brand-new start, our Concierge Team has put together a shortlist of holiday extras to ensure you have the best beginning to your new year.


We all know that the festive holiday season is an indulgent and decadent one, so perhaps you’re concerned about how you’re going to get your diet back on track once the cupboards have been cleared of mince pies and yule log.

Our Bespoke Cookery Classes are the perfect way to go. Book yourself an in-cottage cookery experience with our professional chef Orsola who will teach you techniques and skills to help cut out those naughty (but sometimes necessary!) treats in favour of a healthier meal plan. You can opt for our Healthy Eating with Pleasure class or if you’re an Athlete, take a look at one of our Athlete Classes which will help you create a diet to complement and enhance your sports performance. Alternatively, you can also book classes to improve your pasta-making skills, learn bread-making techniques or even try your hand at patisserie or making chocolates!


If getting healthy is your focus this January, then you might also be interested in booking one of our One-to-One Nutrition packages. Book a private consultation to review your health and gain advice or establish a 30 Day Programme for a specialised diet. Each of these packages take place with one of our professionals and can be tailored to suit your general health or a more focussed approach to improve your sports performance and optimize recovery.


Perhaps you’re looking to focus more on your wellbeing? Our in-cottage Yoga Sessions are ideal as they not only cater to relaxing your mind but your body also. Other benefits include improved flexibility and muscle strength, lowered blood pressure and blood sugar. The slow nature of the breathing techniques and the concentration needed to maintain each pose help you to focus and relax whilst also increasing your blood flow and heart rate which can help strengthen you and relieve risks of heart attacks and depression.

Getting more active often tops the list of people’s new year’s resolutions, so why not take advantage of Pembrokeshire’s coastal location and explore the shores in 2018? Our range of water-sports are ideal if you’re looking to pair exercise with exploring! Grab an oar and go kayaking with family or be brave with friends and jump in feet-first with a coasteering session. Channel your inner wave-master and opt for surfing where you’ll be taught all the tricks and tips to help you keep upright on your first session!


To enquire about booking a stay in Pembrokeshire this New Year, call our Reservations Team on 01437 772755. Ask for our Concierge Team for more information about any of the packages mentioned above, or see our website here.

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Part of Coastal's Concierge team, I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting things Pembrokeshire has to offer, whether that be delicious local produce, new attractions or fun events! I love a walk along the Coastal Path on a crisp winter's day and settling down at the beach with a good book.

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